by Leslie Banks, freelance writer

So, it’s just you and maybe a few people you know who periodically contribute a bit of their expertise to your business.  Not often, just sometimes.  The truth is that if your operation was any smaller, it wouldn’t exist.  But when it comes to being and staying organized, size doesn’t matter.  Then again, maybe size matters more than you think. Maybe the smaller your operation, the more vital order is to things running smoothly.  More to the point, managing your time and coordinating your business calendar with that of your contributors, contractors,  suppliers and maybe in some cases, even your clients is vital to maintaining and growing your business.

Publishing a business calendar on your website for events you want clients and prospects to follow is one thing; a lot of companies of various sizes maintain a public calendar.  But what about an operations calendar that is password protected and maintained on Outlook or some other cloud based application?  What if your contributors and support personnel had access to a calendar that informed them of events or projects and their related benchmarks and deadlines, so that they were always on top of the deliverables that you need to keep things moving forward?  Big organizations, the ones with multiple levels of management, and an abundance of administrative assistants and secretaries use these tools but what about you, owner of the small one- or two-person operation?  Posting a calendar that can be accessed by your team, however intermittent their contributions might be is vital to things running smoothly.  Not only can it help others deliver their goods and services to you, it can help you catch gaps in the service or support you need to maintain a seamless operation.  

Do you have a calendar? If so, where is it located and who maintains it?

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