4 Easy Steps to Keeping Your Workspace Organized

If you are wondering how to stress less and get more done at work, look no further than your cluttered workspace to find a likely root of the issue. A chaotic workspace usually lends to a chaotic head space. Organizing is one of the first and most important steps to increasing your productivity. Here a few tips to create a space that will help keep you focused and efficient.

First, purge and create a space you love. Get a big trash can and throw things out! This may sound a bit daunting to do in an overcrowded space but think of it as a meditation. The more clear space, the more you can breathe. The more you can breathe, the more you can tackle the day’s work with a clear, focused mind. Once you’ve completed the purge, add personal touches. It’s hard to mess up a space that’s beautiful – you’ll think twice about piling up papers to block pictures of your loved one or that piece of art you love looking at throughout the day. And since most of us spend the same amount of time or even more at the office as we do at home treat just like that, you’re second home. It may sound simplistic, but how you value a space can determine how you care for it.

Second, get organized. Create a space for anything and everything you use on a daily basis and break out that label maker. Just admit it, organized chaos really isn’t a thing and even if it was, sifting through the chaos is extremely time consuming. You could be spending precious brain power on the task ahead instead of trying to remember where you put that “oh-so-important” document amongst the pile of “do-not-forgets”. Having a place for everything means you’ll know exactly where things are when you need them. End result equals more productive work hours.

Third, create secondary spaces within your space. Think of them as work zones. While one zone can be for computer work, another could be for non-computer work. Equip each area with the things you need for that specific work within arm’s reach. Keeping a more ergonomic space also means you won’t unnecessarily strain yourself physically doing the day to day tasks and a body at ease also means a mind at ease.

Fourth, refresh your space weekly. No matter how organized you are, things are bound to get a bit messy, especially in a fast-paced, high pressure work environment. Schedule a weekly time to reorganize and fix everything that will inevitably get out of whack. The long and short of it is, if you don’t let things pile up an organized space is that much easier to maintain.

The task of organizing may seem overwhelming initially, but once the first step is taken, the rest is a downhill journey and the rewards can benefit beyond you work hours. Not only will find yourself more productive during the work day, you’ll find yourself able to go home with a clearer mind. No need to stress over that thing you forgot to do that was hiding in the pile of things you were afraid to touch.