We all know those busy days where we just have too much to do and it would seem like we do not have enough hands and arms to juggle everything. It’s those days where everyone seems to want something from you immediately and no one gives you space to breathe. These are the days where you need our help as virtual assistants.

We are a fully comprehensive concierge service that promises to be your extra set of hands where you need them the most. Operating from Cleveland, we ensure that our city runs as smooth as possible by lending help to whoever needs it. Our services will promise you the most effective service and our staff members are fully trained to tackle any task they might encounter.

Our motto is always: it’s okay to delegate. Let us take care of the small things whilst you take care of the more important priorities, like your customers. Whether you are an educator looking for someone to help you with planning or organization or a company needing small business concierge services, we have got it covered! 

We pride ourselves in making sure that we  are available when you need us, so no additional stress for you in regards to time management. Just focus on being the best for your customers and we will deliver the rest! You can choose to employ us on an hourly or weekly basis, depending on how long you will need an extra set of hands. 

Our company was started up by a single mom of two and who better to tell you that the day is much too short for all the things you need to do? Realizing there is a gap in the market for concierge services, she made sure that no one had to ever feel like they have too much on their plates. She has had many years of experience, juggling a full-time job, two kids, as well as the need to start her own business. If you could place a picture next to the words ‘time management’ hers would be up there and she would be smiling proudly.

The main purpose of or existence is to make sure that you get the things done that you need to do. We take the orders and task that you give to us. We all have that little book of checklists we need to complete by the end of the day, so let us help you. You will find that we make the hours in the day seem much longer and you will have a few minutes in between to catch your breath before you roar back to life to finish off your to-do list.

The services we offer are 100% confidential and our associates have over 15 years’ worth of  work experience. So put your activities in the hands that matter and contact us today.