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 Tools, apps and resources that keep us in business

All of the items and people referred on this list are apps we rely on to keep us organized.

we may receive some compensation for referrals on some of these products, but these testimonials are true and we are glad to be able to recommend them.

A good CRM system is key to being able to increase your client capacity. At Be Ready we use Dubsado. Dubsodo offers templates to make your contracts and invoices look professional as well as creates work flows to help you automate client intake and offers portals for your clients to keep all your info and client records together.

Gen M- We use Gen M for the digital apprenticeships. We had gotten to a point where we needed some extra hands but couldn’t rely on free help or didn’t want to trust our marketing plans to someone inexperienced. In the early days cost was also a concern. How much could I offer someone, could I consistently commit to wages? Gen M was our solution.

Great for people that want to sell merchandise but do not have an initial investment for a bulk order or want to have inventory.

We had tried multiple scheduling apps and tools but recently switched to Acuity and absolutely LOVE it. It’s easy to use and offers a professional look for your customers when they schedule. (Schedule a call with us and see for your self)

This is one of the first apps we used and purchased starting out and still use today. Mile IQ tracks all your mileage from your phone, all you have to do is swipe left or right to classify as a business or personal trip. You can also set up trips to auto classify, best of all you can run reports for your accountant or tax preparer

Keep checking back for more tools and apps as we are constantly looking for and learning new tools for our clients or sign up for our email alerts. Don’t want to wait, schedule a pick our brain session to ask us about business tips, resources and software.